All we need is at least one person to believe in us. If you’re looking for a nonjudgmental environment for behavioral health services, please give me a call.

I will provide encouragement and a safe space to identify your issues and help you develop the tools to cope with negative feelings, thoughts and behaviors.


The word from Joi

During my experience as an outpatient and in home therapist, I have worked with children, teens and adults struggling with trauma, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, recovery, suicidal ideation, self-esteem, anger, family conflict and defiant behavior. I specialize in working with young females of color and the LGBTQ community.

Flexibility is important when you’re trying to juggle school, parenthood, career, extra curricular activities; etc, so my availability includes evenings and weekends. I also offer telehealth sessions, appointments at home and in school as well as support during IEP meetings and court appearances.

Joi Allen-Baaqee, MEd, LMHC

Owner, Outpatient Therapist

AJ Briggs, LICSW

Clinical Director | Outpatient Therapist

AJ Briggs and I’m the Clinical Director and Outpatient Clinician here at Safe Space. I work with a variety of clients which include children through adulthood and offer support to individuals, couples, and families. My specialties include work with clients experiencing Anxiety, Depression, and ADHD as well as those who identify as BIPOC, Neurodivergent, and LGBTQIA+. When supporting clients, I like to incorporate a mix of CBT, DBT, Spirituality, Mindfulness, Psychodynamic, and Racial/Cultural theories.

Representation is important to me; having an employer that looks like you and can validate your experience in the world is invaluable, and it’s what drew me to Safe Space. I knew that I would be able to thrive here which in turn energizes me to come to work every day.

A fun fact about me is that I’m an aerial fitness instructor. I use silks and a yoga trapeze to stay fit and flexible!


Latease Adams, LCSW

Outpatient Therapist

My name is Latease Adams and I’m a master’s level certified
social worker clinician here at Safe Space.

My therapeutic specialties focus on: Trauma-Focused CBT, CPT,
Mindfulness-based therapy, Play therapy. My clinical interests are primarily in helping women and children overcome their trauma. Working collaboratively, we can find solutions to help you overcome depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, behavioral disturbances, etc. I provide a safe space for BIPOC and LGBTQA+.
I joined Safe Space because I had previously dedicated much of my life to exploring the neurological impact of violence and trauma on populations. Yet, I realized my calling may be with supporting individuals who are interested in tackling these issues and want to empower themselves.
I am motivated by the prospect of making a difference in your life.
I am committed to helping you conquer your challenges and find strength
within your setbacks.* Fun Fact: I often binge-watch reality shows with my children during the weekend.


Stacy Jean-Baptiste, MSW

Outpatient Therapist

Stacy Jean-Baptiste and I’m a Masters level clinician here at Safe Space.
My therapeutic specialties focus on: Christian based therapy, Motivational Interviewing Empowerment CBT Depression, Suicide Ideation, Anxiety, Adolescent, Young Adults, Youth,  Family and Couples
Therapy/ Midlife crisis

I applied to work at SafeSpaces with the inspiration and passion to
work in private practice. Joi interviewed me and hired me with one
year experience and I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to
learn and grow.

What motivates me to do therapy is my purpose to help others heal and
become whole again. Everyday I wakeup with a desire to gain knowledge
and wisdom to be better and to also teach, lead, help others heal and
find themselves.

A fact about me: I enjoy working out!


Rayann Batchelder , LADC1

Outpatient Therapist

My name is Rayann Batchelder (she/her) and I’m a Master’s level
clinician with my LADC1 license, here at Safe Space.
My therapeutic specialties focus on:
Drug and Alcohol/Interviewing/Christian/Transgender. One-one/group
therapy. Children, adolescence and adults.
I noticed a job posting for Safe Space in July of 2021 and I gave it a
shot and here I am. I appreciate the opportunity, Joi is great, easy
to talk to and get along with and I find it a blessing working for her.
I believe that depositing hope into another is also healing for my own soul.
Thank you..
Rayann Batchelder, M.Ed., LADC1

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